Dilli Meri Jaan – Top Things to do in Delhi

From winding lanes brimming with rich cultural heritage, incredible monuments, tantalizing street food options to a boisterous nightlife, Delhi is a city replete with beautiful unspoken adventures. Known as the city with a big heart, each street in Delhi has something unique to offer. From cramped streets specializing in street foods that cannot be found anywhere on the planet to old winding lanes replete with historical wonders, every Delhi precinct has some distinct natural charm in it.

It doesn’t matter if you are travelling in a group or wandering on your own, a holiday in the Indian capital will always be a memorable experience. If you are planning a trip to this glorious kaleidoscope of rich heritage and history, then here we bring you the top things that must be in your itinerary –

Visit the Famous Monuments – From UNESCO World Heritage Sites including Red Fort, Humayun’s Tomb, Qutab Minar to architectural wonders such as Jama Masjid, Old Fort, India Gate, Rashtrapati Bhawan, Bara Gumbad, Shisha Gumbad… the list is endless. Delhi is a historical land that has witnessed the rise and fall of numerous empires, cultures and religions. Visiting the famous monuments would not only acquaint you with historical facts, but will also make your jaw drop at the sheer beauty and magnificence of the city’s brilliant architecture.


Go Shopping – Delhi is Mecca for shopaholics. The vibrant atmosphere in the glittering bazaars are treasure troves that no shopaholic can afford to miss. Whether it is handloom, art and craft, boutiques, souvenirs, branded clothes, accessories and bags or electronics and apparels, Delhi markets are a beautiful cavalcade of colors. The cacophony of the frenzied shoppers, whether expats or the elite, makes shopping in Delhi is nothing less than a beautiful hangout. From upscale malls in South Delhi to glitzy shopping lanes of Kamala Nagar, Janpath, Sarojini Nagar, Lajpat Nagar, Paharganj, Chandni Chowk, Khan Market, South Extension, Dilli Haat and Greater Kailash to name a few, Delhi has everything that a shopper’s soul craves for.

Enjoy the Cultural Fests – Just like everything else, cultural fests in Delhi are larger than life. Being host to innumerable cultures and uncountable traditions, Delhi is famous for its year-round carnivals, theater, music and film festivals, traditional and international art exhibitions, festivals, fairs, celebrations and food festivals. Festivals in Delhi are global in nature and they are not limited to a particular sect or religion. All you need is a festival calendar, choose your interest and hop on!

Visit the Places of Worship – Delhi is the melting pot of various religions and it comes as no surprise that the beautiful city is dotted with magnificent temples and places or worship. With a sizable population coming from nearly the rest of India, you can easily find every corner of the city dotted with elegant structures jammed with hundreds of devotees lined up to see a glimpse of their God to say a silent prayer. Whether it is the Akshardham Temple, ISCON Temple, Laxmi Narayan Temple, Gurudwara Bangla Sahib, Jama Masjid, Nizamuddin Dargah or the Lotus Temple, Delhi gives you a lot of options to pray and strengthen your faith in the higher power.


Eat, Drink, Rave, Repeat – If you love exploring food on your vacations, Delhi is undoubtedly the place you must head to. Full of hidden culinary delights, a walk down the old lanes or grooviest fine dining restaurants in Delhi would definitely introduce you to the best food you can find anywhere. Whether we talk of street food or sophisticated dining out venues, Delhi won’t disappoint you. Being a cosmopolitan city, New Delhi caters to the tastes of its myriad visitors.

Regardless of your tastes and preferences, you’ll easily find something of your choice to indulge in the gluttonous ritual. As Delhi is a global city, you will find the most authentic global cuisine in the numerous restaurants here. From uber fine-dining restaurants in Defense Colony and Khan Market to suave and cozy eating dugouts, pubs and bars in Rajauri Garden, Connaught Place and Hauz Khas Village, you will be spoiled for choices when it comes to dining in the city.

Whether it is the sweltering summers, ceaseless rains or wicked winters, Delhi stays vibrant and lively throughout the year. From stupendous decorations, pounding music, glaring lights to medieval bandwagons, galloping clowns and simmering food, Delhi will give you hundreds of reasons to celebrate.

Not all who wander are lost. And in Delhi, you can wander without the fear of getting lost. With so much to offer on your plate, Delhi is unquestionably one of the most vibrant cosmopolitan cities in the world. Frenzied travelers, roaring nights to culinary delights, Delhi has a charm that cannot be described in words. Share your travel stories of our capital city in the comments below.


6 Indian Breakfast Options to Die For

“All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast.” – John Gunther

How aptly the above statement suffices it. For a foodie, there can be no better way to start a day by digging into a plate of the scrumptious Big Fat Indian Breakfast. The first meal of the day is important not only as it keeps us charged for the coming hours, but it also acts as the perfect motivation for the long day ahead.

From healthy organic food options to deep fried and succulent sinful relishes, there is no dearth of breakfast option in India. Move over the conventional poha, scrambled eggs, butter toasts and aloo paranthas, here we bring you the top 6 delectable breakfast options from India that will not stop you from asking for more –

Misal Pav – The traditional Maharashtrian meal has subtly but firmly found its way into the non-Maharashtrian kitchens. And we are more than thankful for this. Fluffy and butter-soaked pavs (buns) served with sweltering hot vegetables & pulses, chutney and buttermilk are more than enough to keep our hunger pangs of the day at bay.


Keerai Vada – No matter how deep fried it is and no matter how many calories it contains, we all love keerai vada. Easy to make, this crispy and crunchy snack from the southern state of Tamil Nadu is the perfect solution to add some zing to your otherwise boring breakfast routine. Crispy from outside and moist and juicy from inside, keerai vada is definitely one of those things that you simply can’t stop yourself from gorging upon. Prepared from the batter of black gram mixed with finely chopped onions, green chili, mint leaves, coriander, ginger and Indian condiments and deep fried in vegetable oil, keerai vada is served hot with coconut chutney, sambhar or any other sauce that you can think of.


Surti Sev Khamani – A popular snack especially in Surat city in Gujarat, Surti Sev Khamani is made from Bengal grams lentils. The grams soaked overnight in water are crushed, boiled and then fried with garlic, ginger, green chili and spices and served with various herbs, pomegranate seeds and sev, a kind of Indian snack. And the best part about it is that it is low in calories. So eating a bowl, or two, will not give you a guilty conscience. High Five!

Moong Dal Cheela – Replace your otherwise oil-laden and buttery paranthas with this less greasy, tastier and healthier substitute. Moong daal cheela or Split Green Gram Pancakes are another perfect Indian breakfast recipe that is easy to prepare and easier to digest. The pancakes can be stuffed with any filing, however the most popular filing is cottage cheese and green peas. Served piping hot with mint chutney, pickle or butter, a moong dal cheela breakfast is the perfect way to start your day.


Image Courtesy: Timescity.com

Tomato Upma – We all know the conventional upma that has been satiating our hunger from ages. Tomato upma is a not-so-distant cousin of our very favorite upma with generous amount of tomatoes added to it. Prepared by roasting rava (semolina) and then frying it with onions, tomatoes, garlic, ginger, chili and other Indian spices, tomato upma is one of the healthiest breakfast options you have.

Mysore Masala Dosa – Simply addictive, this classic recipe from Mysore will leave you asking for more. Prepared from rava (semolina) like the traditional dosa, the Mysore masala dosa is crisp from outside and succulent from inside with spicy potato smothered with a spicy chutney. Couple it with a hot mug of filter coffee and you have a divine combo on your dining table.


Image Courtesy: Flickr.com

India is known for its savory delights and in every corner of the country you can find something to eat that you have been waiting for all your life. So the next time you run out of breakfast options, try these simple recipes to feed your foodie soul. Did we miss your favorite breakfast option? Tell is in the comments below.





World on My Plate – Dining Etiquettes from around the World

The world is an incredible assortment of cultural diversities and traditional paradoxes. Even with so many multiplicities, there are certain things that bound us with one rope. And that is our incalculable love for food. Gastronomical urges have kept us in tight bounds from time immortal and no matter where we travel, we end up finding something exotic to satiate our hunger.

Travel is food to the soul and when it comes to eating, each country or geographical region has its own style or dining rules and customs. If something is acceptable in a European country, does not mean it will find its way through the kitchens in the United States. Here we bring you dining etiquette from around the globe so that you do not end up doing a Borat on a dinner invite!

Thailand – Forks have been taken for granted in the West for eating. However, in Thailand, putting food in your mouth through a fork is considered unsophisticated. You first have to transfer the food from the fork to a spoon and then put it in your mouth. Also, eating with chopsticks is also not much into practice in Thailand, unless you are eating Chinese food.


Japan – Japanese are very peculiar when it comes to dining customs. Crossing chopsticks, sticking them in a bowl or licking them, all of these are considered disrespectful in Japanese culture. Also you aren’t supposed to pass the food using chopsticks as it is done during funerals.

Remember that slurping soup in Japan is considered polite and is also believed that it improves the flavor of the soup. So go on and slurp soup directly from the bowl to create a good impression on the hosts.

The Middle East – Eating with your left hand is a complete no-no in the Middle East as the left hand is used for, umm, cleaning yourself. So, unless you want to be thrown in a washroom, keep your southpaw prowess hidden and use your right hand only. Eating with left hand is an abomination to the whole philosophy of eating.

China – Well, this may sound a bit ridiculous, but belching is considered a sign of appreciation for the food in China! So the next time you are invited to a grand buffet by your Chinese hosts, do not hesitate to belch as it could be the best compliment you can give to the cook without worrying about your Cantonese.

Another thing that you must keep in mind is that you must not eat everything that is on your plate. Leave a small amount of food to compliment the hosts that you were given enough to binge upon.

India – Eating with hands is acceptable in many Indian cultures. In fact, fingers are your only cutlery in some of the regions. Thus you must pay proper attention to your hands’ hygiene before sitting down for a meal in India. Also, wasting food is not acceptable in India. So eat in such a manner that leaves space on your plate (and in your tummy) for the dessert that follows.

For Indians food is pious and it is often offered to the deities. Thus, never touch your food with your feet or left hand as it is considered extremely offending. Also, do not touch the food utensils and containers with your plate as once touched, they are considered contaminated.

Saudi Arabia – In Saudi homes, meal is generally served on the floor and males and females dine separately. Do not decline the offer of dates and Arabian coffee as they are a very significant part of Arabian courtesy. Also, similar to other mid-eastern countries, you are not supposed to eat with your left hand in Saudi Arabia as well.


Spain – Spaniards love to digest their food by spending some time at the dinner table. Once you have eaten your food in Spain, you must not excuse yourself and rush out. Instead, take your time and spend some moments at the table to converse, gossip and relax.

Chile – In Chile, women are seated at the dining table before their male counterparts. Like the French, it is a custom among Chileans to keep their hands on the table while being seated at the table and eating with hands is not considered very hygienic. Always put little servings on your plate so that you can finish everything on your plate, which is considered a generous gesture.

Italy – Italians do not switch forks and knives when eating. So always remember that you do not fumble with your cooking utensils when you have sat down for the meal. Also the bread, no matter how tempting it may look, must not be eaten before the main course. Breads are the accompaniments to the food and they shouldn’t be barged upon first irrespective of your hunger pangs.


And the biggest faux pas we believe in is that topping up your pizza with extra cheese. Never ask for extra cheese or parmesan for your pizza or any other Italian food with which it is not offered.

Traveling is food to the soul. When in a foreign land, do what the locals do. An empty plate can have different connotations in different regions and cultures. It is therefore important that you do your research about the various customs, traditions and taboos before you take off to unchartered territories.

Bon appetit!

Sabores de Mexico – Top 10 Most Popular Mexican Foods

From nachos and tacos to jalapenos and oregano, Mexican cuisine and ingredients need no introduction. The exotic spices, gorgeous flavors and rich aroma of Mexican dishes is next to impossible to resist. Mexican cuisine is a combination of different flavors with generous use of chili and local herbs, making it one of the most loved cuisines from all over the world. If you are feeling like having Mexican for dinner tonight, we bring you 10 most popular authentic Mexican food to keep you tongues pulsating. Caution – Hunger pangs guaranteed!

Taco – Think of Mexican food and taco is the first thing that pops up in the mind. Easy to prepare and easier to eat, any Mexican food fest is incomplete without the authentic tacos. From conventional grilled chicken, cilantro slaw, and avocado cream to grilled pineapple salsa, pickled onions, garnished steak, sautéed pork, salads or even shrimp and seafood, you can customize your taco by adding your favorite filling to it. The piquant flavors will take you on a crispy and creamy gluttonous Mexican ride.


Tortilla – The indigenous North Mexican food has become world famous owing to its distinct taste and flavors. Tortilla is a fine bread prepared from wheat or corn flour and is one of the staple diets in the region. Tortilla can be eaten alone, fried as chips or can be used to roll tacos, burritos or enchiladas.

Elote – Call it corn of the cob, grilled corn or Mexican street corn, this yummilicious street food item from Mexico is too hard to resist. Tenderly grilled corn coated with mayonnaise and lime juice and sprinkled with cotija cheese is the perfect creamy snack for a chilly evening.

Enchilada – Originated in Mexico, enchiladas have become one of the most popular Mexican delicacies all over the world. Enchilada is baked corn tortilla rolled over different types of filings and coated with various sauces, tomato paste and chilli gravy. The filling could be anything from fried or shredded meats, grilled vegetables, dry fruits, cheese and chopped chilli and onion. Whether it is breakfast, a quick lunch, evening snack or dinner, enchilada is the perfect option to curb all your hunger pangs.


Pozole – Pozole is a historic stew or soup that was once used in various Aztec rituals and is one of the favorites in the Mexican households. The rich soup is prepared with hominy, pork, cilantro, chili peppers and Mexican herbs. Apart from foamy froth, spicy taste and rich aroma, Pozole is also known to cure hangovers.

Ceviche – Ceviche is a popular seafood dish famous in the South and Central America. Made with raw marinated and spiced fish, Ceviche uses a generous amount of seasonings of peppers, onions and salt and is served with lettuce and corn.

Albondigas – Albondigas is another famous Mexican soup that is easy to make and easier to eat. Spicy meatballs simmered with fresh vegetables and herbs including garlic, cilantro, celery, potatoes and carrots with zucchini, pepper and salt as per taste, make albondigas the perfect starter on your dinner table.


Burrito – Burrito is a steamed or grilled wheat flour tortilla wrapped around a filing of your choice. You can put nearly anything inside a burrito, however, the most commonly used filings include fried meat, beans, lettuce, salsa, rice, sour cream and cheese, scrambled eggs or bacon to name a few.

Empanada – Empanadas are Portuguese or Spanish stuffed circular pastries prepared by folding a bread patty or dough around the stuffing. You can stuff anything in an empanada as long as it tingles your taste buds. The stuffing can consist of many things such as meat or vegetables.

Quesadilla – And yes, we have saved the best for the last! Can you resist eating a tortilla filled with a combination of scrumptious filings such as zesty chicken, baked vegetables including zucchinis, mushrooms, squash blossoms, lots of onions, peppers and avocados, topped with red salsa with generous amounts of cheese oozing out from it? We bet nobody can.


Mexican cuisine brings out the perfect blend of indigenous flavors with Spanish influence. If you have a weakness for spicy food, then Mexican cuisine could be your best option. Did we miss something? Let us know in the comments below.

Wacky Drinking Traditions from around the Globe


From mannered to crazy, weird to cool, every nation, comes with a set of its atypical drinking rituals. So the next time you are globetrotting, be aware of the drinking customs unless you want to catch the spotlight for all the bad reasons. Here we bring you the most eccentric drinking traditions from all over the globe, some of which are amusing, while some outwardly crazy –

The Great Britain – The sophisticated British go by cultured rules when it comes to heading to a pub or bar. The simple rule, as it states, each person at the table has to buy a round of drinks for everyone else. And remember, you cannot shout at the top of your lungs to ask for another round. Shriek only if you want to get excluded socially.

Australia – Unlike the British, in Australia, you have to ‘shout’ to get another round of drinks. So when it is your turn, you must oblige by shouting for schooners. Not shouting for your drinks is considered blasphemous. Failure to do so would definitely lead to learning a few good Aussie slang.

Spain – Well, this one hits hard below the belt. Spaniards believe that toasting with a glass of water will bring seven years of bad sex. Sounds scary? Umm, we bet you would definitely not want to try this ever!

France – As tea is to the British, wine is to the French. Wine is the symbol of affluence in France and the French don’t drink to get drunk, but to have a good time. So your “Haan main alcoholic hoon” antics won’t work out in France unless you want to get frigid stares and thrown out of a French pub.

Russia – Everyone knows about Russians and their love for vodka. And Russians love to drink their vodka straight. Mixing your vodka with any other liquid is considered an act of cowardice. So do not go asking for ‘lime water’ or ‘coconut water’ in Russia! Also, if you open one bottle in a day, it has to be finished before midnight! Chaar bottle vodka anyone?

Sweden – The Swedes sing a traditional drinking song before, during and after every round of aquavit, a traditional drink of the Scandinavia and you are supposed to join them. As the night progresses, the singing gets more frenzied, followed by swigs of beer after every round of shots. Also, when raising a toast, it is important to make direct eye contact, which is representative of good health.


Japan – When drinking socially in Japan, it is considered rude to pour drink for yourself. You must serve the other drinkers in the group and vice versa. So you can expect to get badly drunk unless you keep your glass a little filled up.

Georgia – Georgians love to toast during their meals. And when you are in Georgia, you must also do the same. And we are not talking about just one or two toasts per meal. Expect around twenty toasts every meal. Too toastful?

China – Toasting is very common in China and you have to gulp down the whole drink on the first toast. This is known as gan bei or dry glass. Once the first toast has been raised and the glasses have been dried, you can sip your drink for the recurring toasts.


India – When it comes to India, there are numerous drinking traditions depending upon the region you are right now. One of the most popular drinking traditions in India include gulping down the Patiala Peg, an extra-large peg of whiskey which is double the measurement of the regular whiskey peg, measuring approximately 120 ml. The peg depicts celebrations, royalty and extreme happiness.

We are sure, you might have come around bizarre drinking traditions as well. Share your pub diaries with us in the comments below.


7 Bizarre Foods Eaten in India you wouldn’t have Heard of!

A variety of spices, robust flavors, colorful curries and pungent herbs – all these best describe the flavorsome Indian cuisine. Ask any tourist who visited India to describe the culinary experience here and the first word to pop-up from their mouth will be ‘spicy’. The deep-rooted culinary traditions in India go a long way to satiate the deepest hunger desires that our appetite craves for. No, we are not talking about the famous paneer tikkas, rajma chawals, butter chicken masalas & biryanis in this post. Here we bring you the 7 craziest foods that are eaten in India. Even if you don’t end up liking them after reading, remember, these are considered delicacies by different sects in the country.

Frog legs – You might cringe even by thinking about this French recipe, but fried frog legs is one of the most sought after delicacy in the states of Goa and Sikkim. Considered to have medicinal properties that can treat bowel issues, frog legs is banned by the government in India owing to extinction scare of frogs.

frog legs

Image courtesy: Wikipedia

Bhunni – From the picturesque mountainous Garhwal region in the Himalayas, bhunni is a popular dish that is prepared from goat’s intestines, stomach, liver and most importantly, the blood. Perfect to satiate your thirst for blood. (Pun intended)


Nahkham – Ever fancied eating ash? We guess you haven’t. However, our fellow diners from the state of Meghalaya in India crave for Nahkham, a meal that is prepared with dried fish and vegetables. Hard to believe? We can’t agree more.


Image courtesy: indiamarks.com

Eri Polu – Bugs are pretty disgusting but for Assamese, eri polu or silkworm pupa meal is rather a very popular delicacy. Once the silk is taken out from the worm, by boiling it in hot water, the cocoon is cooked with fermented or pickled bamboo to give it a distinct flavour. Served hot with rice, you can treat your taste buds to this authentic ditch. Did anyone say kitsch?

eri polu.jpg

Image courtesy: Wikipedia

Chaprah – Well, this is not for the faint hearted. Chaprah is a regular chutney and flavour enhancer that people of Chhatisgarh love. And by regular we mean a chutney made of dried red ants and their eggs, added with spices and eaten with any meal. Crispy and crunchy, indeed!


Sorpotel – Goan cuisine derives heavily from Portuguese influence and Sorpotel is the best example of it. Sorpotel is a classic Portuguese curry prepared from pork offal. So would be served pork liver, heart and sometimes blood as well. And if you are not disgusted by the thought of eating pig liver and heart, there is blood to make your insides cringe.


Image couresy: timescity.com

Doh Khileh – Pork salad is not uncommon to find but people in Meghalaya add a bizarre twist to the otherwise regular pork and onion salad. This salad is garnished with, err, steamed pig brain. Can anything get crazier than this?


Image courtesy: indiamarks.com

For the conservative who does not want to put anything ‘different’ on their plate, these recipes might not tempt them. But for a foodie who is not afraid to dive into unheralded territories, these could be a feast to remember for a lifetime. Bizarre or exotic, decide on your own. But do not forget to tell is in the comments below.




Best Winter Food to Keep You Warm in Dilli ki Sardi


Foggy mornings, endless layers of woolens, chilly evenings, bonfires, glowing bazaars and a contagious festive fervor, winters in Delhi have their distinct charm. Winter is the time when our taste buds crave for extra dollops of deliciousness. Covered from head to toe in woolens and purring lazily in the quilts, all we want to have a big and fat feast and the TV remote in hand!

Winter, a yearly ritual in India, brings back the season of shimmering hot mouth-watering recipes with it. We have compiled 7 Indian delicacies that would keep your winters warm and your hunger urges satiated –

Gajar ka Halwa – Admit it, we all wait for winters for this sweetest thing from the heavens! Shredded fresh and luscious carrot cooked in milk, sugar and butter with dry fruits as garnishing, serves as the perfect dessert on a chilly winter night. Garnish it with raisins, cardamom and almonds and serve hot this creamy rich dessert. Keeping sweetness in relations from time immortal.


Image Courtesy: YouTube

Momos – Steamed, fried or barbequed, momos are an all season favourite. And these tender vegetable or meat filled dumplings are perfect for the chilly weather. Dip them with the red hot schezwan sauce or eat them with a hot cup of thukpa, the steamy momos will instantly warm you up. Add a cup of hot tea and you have all the ingredients for a perfect evening.


Sarson da Saag – This all-time favorite Punjabi dish is served piping hot with butter-laden makka rotis (corn flour breads). Nothing is better than eating a sumptuous sarson da saag and makke di roti dinner on a dark and frosty winter night. To make your stomach rumble for more, add the ‘desi tadka’ of green chilli, butter milk and jaggery. Too hot to handle? We can’t agree more.


Image Courtesy: Wikipedia

Pakoras – The crispy, spicy and hot pakoras make all of us go weak in our knees. Either for breakfast or a late evening snack, pakoras are the best option to beat the winter blues. Easy to make at home, you can flirt with your creative side to prepare all sorts of pakoras. From the most common potato, paneer, onion, green chilli pakoras to cauliflower, spinach, carrots and sweet potatoes, the list is endless.


Masala Chai – Nothing beats the chilly weather better than a rich and creamy cup of masala tea. Add a dash of cardamom, cumin and basil to the simmering tea and serve hot with roasted peanuts, nuts and muffins to enjoy the serene mornings and foggy evenings.



Jalebis – There are few things in this world that cannot be expressed in words and jalebis on a cold winter night in Delhi are one of them. Crispy, sugary, golden jalebis melt in your mouth effortlessly and leave you with a lingering sweet taste in your mouth.


Rogan Josh – Rogan Josh originated in Persia but has now become a regular main course curry item for meat lovers. The Indian avatar, or rather the Kashmiri avatar has red mutton cooked with yogurt and Indian spices including cardamom, cumin, chilli powder, cinnamon, bay leaves and garam masala. Easy to prepare, this lamb delicacy goes well with rice and breads.


Maggi – Now when our favorite Maggi is back, it is time to make up for all the lost days! Cook it simple, add a dash of veggies or experiment with your own recipe, Maggi was, and is going to be the highlight of the winter season. And do not forget to share your yummilicious Maggi recipe with us.


So how do you keep warm during winter season? Do not forget to tell us in the comments below.


7 Delectable Rice Recipes from all over the World

From Japan to Mexico and Spain to Africa, rice is one of the most versatile ingredients that blends well with nearly every dish you can think of. Easy to prepare, rice is the staple food for more than half of the population. Whether it is classic risotto, paella, fried rice or simply boiled rice with curry, rice will always be a substantial part of our meals.



From a house warming celebration or a casual night out with friends, any celebration is incomplete without a rice dish as a preferred food option. So the next time you are craving for a rice preparation, try one of these ‘different’ and exotic dishes to satiate your undying appetite for rice. Here we bring the most delectable rice culinary delights from all over the world that will palpitate your tongues just by reading about them –

Khao Pad American – Despite its name, which confuses a lot of people, Khao Pad American or American fried rice is a famous Thai dish. Originated during the Vietnam War, Khao Pad American is an Americanized version of Thai fried rice cooked with ketchup and raisins and served with the quintessential American food including fried egg and/or hot dogs, fried sausage or fried ham.


Mazesushi – This delightful Japanese preparation is a must try for everyone, especially for sushi lovers. Deep fried carrot and mushroom-stuffed sushi rice is served with simmering hot shrimp, toasted nori and egg crepe. Delicate and heavenly, mazesushi melts in your mouth and leave a distinct taste of Japanese herbs mixed with vinegar. We bet you cannot just eat one!


Hyderabadi Biryani – A trip to India is incomplete unless you taste the myriad authentic cuisines that the country has to offer. Biryani is the rich authentic rice preparation prepared with multitude of spices and herbs that give it an appetizing aroma. Served with Indian curry or yogurt, Hyderabadi biryani is a dish that is reminiscent of the rich Nizam era. Boiled rice layered with fried onions, meat, or eggs and garnished with aromatic Indian spices and nuts, Hyderabadi Biryani can make anyone go weak in their stomach. Need we say more?


Jollof Rice – A common West African delicacy, Jollof rice is finding its way into our dining menus. Jollof rice is soft boiled rice cooked with tomatoes and tomato paste with a lot of spices including garlic, ginger, basil, thyme and peas, served with fried meat, chicken or vegetables. Originated from Senegal, jollof rice has become the most popular African dish outside Africa, owing to the richness of each ingredient present in the dish.

Jollof Rice

Gourmet Mushroom Risotto – Mushroom risotto is the classic twist to the traditional risotto. Barbeque or pan fried mushrooms tossed over flavoursome and colourful rice gives the classic risotto a unique flavour. The succulent mushrooms blend flawlessly with the risotto to create a surreal gastronomic fusion.

mushroom risotto

Maqluba – Broiling rice cooked in a cauldron with fresh meat and fried vegetables – this is how they like their rice in Palestinian territories. Tender chicken pieces and sauteed onions and vegetables are served upside down on the serving plate, garnished with fresh cilantro and roasted nuts. Too hot to handle?


Seafood Paella – Any post about rice preparations is incomplete unless it talks about the famous Spanish paella. Seafood paella takes the love for paella to the next level. Rice cooked with smoked paprika, deep fried chicken and sprinkled with tenderly prepared seafood and garnished with Mediterranean herbs will leave you asking for more.

seafood paella

So which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments section below.

9 Best Foodie Moments in Movies

Cinema from around the world has put together the right ingredients to cook appetizing action, romance and drama for its viewers. From riveting stories revolving around the protagonists and their love for food to scenes woven around sinful gluttonous journeys, we bring you 9 best foodie moments in cinema that will make your stomach rumble with hunger –

Ratatouille (2007) – A rat realizes his penchant for cooking and saves the reputation of a famous restaurant. Focussed on the premise that ‘anyone can cook’, this animated feature film is filled to the brim with emotions. From the moment Remy the rat is separated from his clan to Remy teaching non-cook Linguini how to cook and the petulant critic Anton Ego writing a positive review, Ratatouille takes you on a scrumptious roller coaster ride. Do not fancy rats running around in kitchens? Watch Remy make an exception.

Foodie Moment – Although hard to choose, our vote goes to the scene where Remy improvises and cooks to perfection the soup, which has been spoiled by Linguini. How Remy smells and feels each ingredient will definitely ignite the love for cooking in you.

Babette’s Feast (1987) – “An artist is never poor.” The ending dialogue suffices the theme of the movie. A tale of sacrifices and self-denial, the movie revolves around the grand banquet sequence, which even after so many years, is considered probably the best culinary cinematic moment. The motion picture truly deserved the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, for which it was nominated.

Foodie Moment: The pivotal scene of the movie where housekeeper, Babette Hersant, spends all of the 10,000 Francs earnings from her lottery win on preparing a lavish dinner for her madams and their small congregation. The sumptuous 7-course menu comprising exotic French delights is a treat to watch and drool over.

Lady and the Tramp (1955) – Disney’s animated canine romantic saga tells the story of Lady, an American cocker spaniel and Tramp, a stray mutt who find love in tense circumstances.

Foodie Moment: Can it get cuter than two poodles in love sharing spaghetti and meat balls in an Italian restaurant and stealing a kiss? We bet it doesn’t. The iconic scene has been re-created time and over and we just can’t help but awww over the innocent romance shared between the animated dogs.

Okuribitu (2008) – This Japanese classic is all about the hard truths of human life. Looming death, faded dreams, lost hopes and tarnished emotions – these are a few emotions that are portrayed aesthetically in the movie. Apart from the trials and tribulations of the human life, the movie emphasises on the beauty of human relationships.

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Foodie Moment: The scene where Daigo and Sasaki are devouring upon what Sasaki calls “his favourite snack”. The deep hedonistic pleasure that the actors are getting when wolfing upon the simmering hot dumplings would definitely make your stomach rumble, irrespective of your eating preferences. And the conversation that follows only heightens the fact that great food brings great communication.

Chocolat (2000) – Juliette Binoche plays a single mother, Vianne, who moves to a rural village in France and opens a chocolaterie. Can bitter-sweet chocolates melt hearts? How long the traditionally-chained people restrain against the delicacy of chocolates? Watch the movie to see how the sweet indulgences change the perception of the locals.

Foodie Moment: A tough choice to make, the particular scene where Vianne offers her favourite chocolate to her love interest, Roux, played by Johnny Depp, is arguably the best one. The palpitating sexual tension between the two can be clearly felt through their body language and facial expressions. And the way Johnny Depp licks the remaining of his fingers will make you go craving for one.

Eat Drink Man Woman (1994) – How about a movie revolving around a big fat Sunday banquet where a widowed mater chef and his three unmarried daughters are trapped between traditional values and worldly pleasures? Ang Lee’s sleeper hit shows the trials and tribulations of a Chinese family over-elaborate dining escapades and offers a perfect mix of food, family ties and fatherhood.

Foodie Moment: The opening scene where the chef father is expertly preparing food for the family’s ritual Sunday night dinner. A representation of lost tradition, food makes the central point of the movie. And this is shown through the lavish dinner that is shown in the scene. Already hungry?

Scary Movie 2 – Wayne Brothers’ second instalment of the spoof series Scary Movie follows a peculiar group of college students and a more peculiar professor who decide to spend a night in a haunted mansion to prove life after death. The movie takes a jibe at horror movies of the late 80s and 90s, apart from the likes such as Charlie’s Angels, Mission Impossible and The Matrix.

Foodie Moment: The dinner scene where the grand buffet is ruthlessly ruined by eccentric caretaker, Hanson. Everyone loses appetite when they realise that the food has been ‘personally’ prepared by Hanson, who happens to have a malformed hand. Not only this, the repulsive antics by Hanson, which are too explicit to be shared here, make the disgruntled group leave the food untouched. Not very appeasing!

The Lunchbox (2013) – The quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. This critically acclaimed Indian motion picture captures the emotional turmoil in the life of an ignored housewife, who tries desperately to spice up her marriage. Exclusively cooked meals, meant for her husband, are wrongly delivered to another man and this blossoms into a heartfelt companionship over letters. The platonic bond with pangs of loneliness and sufferings of life lurking in the backdrop, unfolds a beautiful story.

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Foodie Moment: Any scene where the wife is seen cooking food with complete dedication, with expert guidance over the window from her neighbour.

Julie & Julia (2009) – The first motion picture to be developed from a blog, Julie and Julia shows the contrasting highlights of the life of famous chef Julia Child and an aspiring young New Yorker, Julie Powell who aims to cook all the recipes from Julia’s book in 365 days. A delight for gastronomes, the movie features drool worthy recipes from Julia Child’s cookbook – Mastering the Art of French Cooking.

Foodie Moment: Although the movie revolves around mouth-watering dishes, the most memorable scene is where Julie cooks scrumptious bruchetta, which she and her husband devour heartily. Classic pan-fried bread and seasoned tomatoes are more than enough to arouse hunger in anyone.

A lot can happen over hot supper! Tell us about your favorite movie moment in the comments below, which made your salivary glands go haywire.


10 Quirky Sandwich Fixes you will Love

Crispy, crunchy, juicy and tender – sandwiches have been the quintessential hunger satisfaction mantra from time immortal. Easy to prepare and a delight to gorge upon, sandwiches are loved by all of us. Spicy offerings wrapped up in bread have become an important part of our dietary staple.


From a quick fix breakfast option to a fuller and gratifying lunch hour, sandwiches are now an indomitable part of our lives. So what about a juicy twist to our regular sandwich recipe? Here are 10 quirky, yet perfect sandwich fixes that you would definitely love to gobble down –

Hash Brown Sandwich – Forget bread or buns when you can have a smooth hash brown instead. The hash brown sandwich includes fried eggs, bacon and melted cheese stuffed between two sultry hash brown patties. Top it up with fresh chopped cilantro, and various herbs, and you are ready to dive into mouth-watering extravagance. A scrumptious meal, this is also one of the easiest sandwich preparation that you can try at home.

Bocadillo – If Spanish cuisine raises your hunger quotient a couple of notches up, then Bocadillo or Bocata must be on your priority list. Bocadillo is served on a 6-8 inch long and sliced baguette and filled with sliced tomatoes, tuna, sausage or ham. To give it a quintessential Americano twist, fill the baguette with mayonnaise, iceberg lettuce or paprika. Need we say more?



Where to Eat in Delhi? – Caffe Tonino, 1st Floor, PVR Plaza Building, H-Block, Connaught Place, New Delhi

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Bacon and Peanut Butter Sandwich – This is a combination made in heaven delivered right for you to satiate your palate. Crisp brown toasts stuffed generously with peanut butter and topped with crispy banana chips and smoky bacon strips. Already drooling over?

Bacon Wrapped Cheese Grilled Sandwich – Simply delicious, this epic sandwich will accentuate your love (and hunger) for sandwiches. A single bacon wrapped butter sandwich that is made from crispy bacon strips wrapped around thick layers of a tender and juicy cheddar cheese sandwich will sure keep your tummy full till dinner time.


Parma – One of the most popular Italian sandwiches, Parma is tender ham sliced artistically thin and served with salami, lettuce, basil leaves and provolone cheese. If you are looking for a sandwich that includes everything from hot peppers, tomatoes, lettuce, onion, sweet peppers, olive oil to red wine vinegar and Italian spices and herbs, Parma is the right stuff for you.

Where to Eat in Delhi?

28 Capri Italy, 28 A, Defence Colony Market, Defence Colony, New Delhi

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Torta – Loaded is the best word that describes this Mexican sandwich. Typical of the Mexican flavors including jalapenos, avocados, beans, tomatoes, chilies and oregano, to name a few, torta offers a taste that you would have never experienced before. The butter-kissed buns are filled with grilled chicken, pork roast, fried hot dog, sautéed mushrooms or anything that tantalizes your taste buds. One bite into this succulent delight and there wouldn’t be no turning back!

Where to Eat in Delhi?

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Roast Turkey Cuban Sandwich – Can anything get tastier than a sandwich that offers you turkey (alternatively ham or roast pork) stuffed in grilled bread with ample of melted Swiss cheese, cranberry sauce, mustard, and mayonnaise? This is one hearty sandwich that will make you go weak in your knees.

Cemita – Let’s put the facts first. Although both are Mexican delights, Cemita isn’t torta. Cemita is prepared with indigenous Mexican herbs and spices, especially papalo, with liberal amounts of crunchy and juicy chicken shreds. To give it a juicy twist, a generous dash of Oaxaca cheese is added to the sandwich. Garnished with pepper, avocados and sesame seeds, cemita is easy to prepare and easier to gulp.

Arepa – Arepa is a classic ham and cheese sandwich that can be grilled, fried or baked, as per your preference. Stuffed between two corn flour bread, apart from ham and cheese, you can tantalize your taste buds with different fillings such as shredded steak and cheddar cheese, sautéed chicken and gouda cheese or chicken salad and avocados. With a lot of cilantro, plantains and spicy, arepa is the best Venezuelan recipe you can have at the comfort of your home. If you have chilly taste buds, drizzle your favorite arepa with hot sauce or shredded pepper and you get a masterpiece on your plate.

Vada Pav – What burgers are to the US, vada pav are to India. Juicy and crispy, chutney-rolled and deep fried potato patties stuffed between two buttery buns are sure to arouse deep hunger pangs. Potato patties, fried in gram flour to give them an even texture, are stuffed between a spicy bun and served with fried green chilli and garlic chutney. This Maharashtrian snack is gaining huge popularity owing to its peculiar taste of its ingredients and ease of eating. Couple this up with a cutting chai to create a dreamy taste and aroma.

Where to Eat in Delhi?

Maharashta Stall, Stall Number 20 & 4, Dilli Haat, Aurobindo Marg, New Delhi-23

So it goes without saying that great sandwiches mean a lot to all of us and it is hard to imagine a world without sandwiches. I am sure you won’t await lunchtime to get a bite of any of these! Share your favorite sandwich recipe with me in the comments below.